Weekly Wrap-Up

I always find it interesting when I stop and take a look back at the week. This week had a lot going on as you’ll see.

Visiting Nana

We drove over to the nursing home to visit my Nana on Sunday. Had a very nice visit with her. She had me pray with her and we both cried. I don’t believe my Nana has much time left. She is fragile and very thin. Please pray with me that when it is her time she will go peacefully and painlessly.

Indoor Play Place Fun

Went to the indoor play place (after the nursing home) so the kids could play and we could visit with Grandma and Grandpa. The kids loved it. The twins were finally almost big enough to play. I have enough pictures for a post (so watch for it).

Flat Tire

We were going to go visit my sister (after the play place) and discovered that we had a flat tire. After some phoning later in the week we discovered that we can get it replaced with a used one for fairly cheap, but for now it sits.

Art Fun

We did a fun art project this week. I have enough pictures for a post (so watch for it too).

The Airplane Is Still Missing in Alaska

We ask for your continued prayers. Friends of ours were on a plane that went missing in Alaska – FOURTEEN DAYS AGO! You can visit the website that was set up by the family. Alaska Search Update.

My Aunt Is Coming To Victoria

My mom’s sister is coming for the week to spend some time with my Nana.  I am excited to see her again and looking forward to some great conversations and memory making moments.

Sweet Pea and Me

Yesterday Hosanna spent the day nursing and complaining of a sore mouth. She is two so we didn’t know what she meant. Was she teething? Did she have a sore throat? I don’t know what was going on, but she was miserable and wanting to nurse constantly. This morning, I woke up with a sore throat. Ah, now I understand. So, I will nurse little Sweet Pea as much as she needs. (Update: All the little people and big people in the house are now sick with a cold, we are praying it passes quickly).

My Day At the Mob

Today is my day at The M.O.B. Society. Make sure you hop over and read my post They Love The Dirt, But Not The Bath (but not before you leave some comments here, pretty please).

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