Urban Sensory Garden

urban sensory garden

Every year we create a little Urban Sensory Garden to enhance our home learning experience and meet the needs of our kids who need sensory input (we have autism in the family).

What is a sensory garden?

I can’t wait to write more about this topic as we get going on this year’s project. Check back in soon.

2 thoughts on “Urban Sensory Garden”

  1. Hey again!! GREAT POST!!!!! I just wanted to tell you my husband works for a parks and recreation department. They are in the middle of building a new nature center and I told him about this idea and he loves it!! I hope I will be able to pass along pictures of what they did. It is such a great idea!!! It will be awhile you know how building goes. :)

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thanks again for visiting (and leaving a comment, I love comments).

      Having a sensory garden is such a great thing for the kids who like to touch, smell, taste…. my boys have had so much fun in the past with our garden.

      I hope to include pictures of our garden as time goes on.

      I look forward to hearing how your husband’s project goes.


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