TOS Crew – Travel the World! – June 2010 Issue

Are you ready for an adventure?

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The Travel the World (June 2010 Module) is a great introduction to world geography loaded with great information. When I read through this 56 page e-book in preparation for using it with my children, I was very impressed with the layout and the simple way in which the information was presented. My first thoughts were that this would be a great review for my geography genius, Elisha (10), and an excellent introduction for Moses (8). I had originally planned to use this downloadable e-book only with my older two boys, but my 6 year old, Malachi, was wanting to get in on the action too.

The first day, we sat on the couch, around my laptop, and read through the nine text pages at the beginning of the e-book. We pulled our giant globe out of the basement and used it for reference. This was not required, but was helpful. We also pulled out a few laminated maps (one of the world and two of Canada), so we could locate continents and bodies of water. Again, this was not required, but it was helpful for us.

My oldest knew just about everything in this section of the book and could have taught the lessons for me. He is gifted and is such a wealth of information, so this is not necessarily typical for someone his age. Moses and Malachi were able to learn many things from the reading of this section of the book.

I printed out the worksheets that I thought would work for my oldest and had him work through them with his teacher’s aid doing the scribing for him. He was able to quickly finish them and quite enjoyed them. They were challenging enough for him to enjoy, but not so tough that he couldn’t do them.

When I printed out the map coloring sheets, we noticed there were only coloring sheets for 4 of the continents. The boys enjoyed the coloring sheets and this was something that we wished they had included a complete set of.

I chose to use the lapbook section with Elisha and he proudly created his very first one. Lapbooking is something that we have wanted to try, but not attempted yet due to various sensory difficulties (printing, gluing, cutting, etc). The lapbook projects were simple enough to complete a bit at a time over a few days. Our teacher’s aid assisted him as needed, but he really enjoyed himself. He was proudly showing off his completed lapbook to anyone who would listen. I can’t wait to explore more lapbooks with him (and the other kids too).

There are 5 pages each of manuscript and cursive copywork included in this e-book. I did not print out and use these pages because we do not do copywork in our house, but they would nicely compliment this study of geography.

There is a 5 page High School Expansion section towards the back that includes additional activities that would be a good way for you to include your older students. The High School Expansion section covers a variety of topics including different types of geography, literature, history, and other things.

You will find all of this and more wonderful resources in this wonderful Travel the World e-book from The Old Schoolhouse Store.

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The Old Schoolhouse Store

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Cost: $7.95

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Other products from this vendor include: TOS WeE-book™, TOS WannaBe™, and Download N Go™

I received a copy of this e-book free of charge for the purposes of conducting this review. The ideas and opinions expressed are my own. To see what other crew members are writing, please visit the TOS CREW BLOG.

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    Hello from a fellow TOS crew member. I’m spending a little time checking out some of the the other reviews. Nice job!

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      Thank you for visiting from the TOS CREW. Thank you for the compliments too. I hope to be making my way through the crew blogs soon.


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