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WannaBe Series

When I grow up, I want to be… A Firefighter

This down-loadable e-book begins with an interesting introduction to the history of firefighting. There are detailed descriptions and very good explanations of the equipment that firefighters use. The definitions for the difficult words were easily found in the footnotes and colorful pictures were placed throughout. I love how this e-book takes interesting (but related) bunny trails into things like building codes and robotic arms.

There is a wonderful, first person narrative from the point of view of a firefighter which gives an excellent portrayal of what it is like to be a firefighter. So, what does it take to get a job as a firefighter? You will find out if you read this book.

But wait…

There is more: including worksheets, copy-work, coloring sheets, suggested related verses, theme ideas, answer keys, and additional resource lists.

I was impressed with how jam packed this book was with activities and I really liked the easy to read (and use) print and go format.  I was very impressed with the factual information and the amount of research that went into this product.

My oldest son read the materials independently and completed the work that I selected for him. He found it an interesting read and we had a great discussion after. The younger boys and I will cover this material later in the term when we cover fire safety. I am looking forward to using the materials with them.

Product Description

Title: When I grow up, I want to be… A Firefighter
Series: Wannabe Series (There are currently 10 books in this series)
E-book: 82 pages
Ages: 4-10
Price: $8.95


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Disclosure: I was provided a free copy of this e-book for review purposes. The opinions in this post are my honest evaluation of this product.

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