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I have been gathering interesting links from my Facebook, Twitter, and even my emails. I have wanted to share them with you all, but they didn’t really fit very well together. I thought it would be a great idea to throw them up as a Top Ten Random Links List.

  1. CNN Student News – This is a great resource that I never knew about. If you cover current events in your homeschool, this could be a useful resource for you.
  2. That Quiz – This is a really neat quiz site that was new to me this week as well. Elisha loves quizzes, so I can’t wait to share this site with him.
  3. Khan Academy – This site is full of great educational videos on a variety of topics. There are over 1800 videos, so you might want to take a look.
  4. Zane Education – Speaking of videos, you might find this site interesting. They have over 400 free math videos on-line.
  5. Watchworks – My aunt sent me the link to this interesting video.
  6. Fractals – If you are studying fractals this year, you might want to check out these unit study resources.
  7. Librovox – You know about this great site, right? Check it out. They create audio books out of books that are in the public domain and provide them freely.
  8. Young Writer’s Program – You simply must check out this site. It is an excellent resource for writing.
  9. Passport To India – Are you participating in this? Visit the site and look around.
  10. Jordan Romero – I found this link on Sara’s site (Saving For Someday). What an inspiration.

I am linking up this post with Top Ten Tuesday. Visit Oh, Amanda and see what everyone else is blogging about today.

What are some random sites that have come across your path recently?

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