The Way Life Is

Boys opening and closing the bathroom door awakened the babies out of their nursing slumber. Daddy staggered downstairs with them only to be met with fighting from the boys at nearly 6am.

He was greeted by the mess left, late last night, after chasing down the mouse (and her baby) that had made her nest in the bottom of the game (and junk) closet that we didn’t get to clean a few weeks ago.

The twins could have easily gone back to sleep if the boys had done their toileting with just a bit more quiet, but sadly they did not and there I stood making coffee at just after 6am.

The boys all played loudly and I should have been glad they were playing, but the noise was overwhelming. Breakfast came and went and then they went back to playing. Jumping from bed to bed, running from room to room, and slamming doors all in play. I have no idea what they were playing, but they were all engaged and that should have been a good thing, but the noise hurt my tired ears.

This morning I notice that my daughter’s eye, the one that got poked yesterday during play, is now blood shot and puffy underneath and warrants a trip to the eye doctor. I phoned. The appointment is in about an hour and I have not showered and I have no idea if I have clean clothes (I think I do), but I have so much clutter and so many thoughts in my head that I had to stop and type all of my thoughts out. More for me than for you, but you can read if you want. I am worried about her eye, but I prayed for her last night and I have been praying this morning. I worry about the appointment and how she will react with a doctor, she’s not too fond of them, but that is another story in itself.

Zion is whiny and I worry about leaving all four kids here with daddy, because he is grieving and hasn’t had time to process his thoughts and then this morning his back went out. He is in crazy pain like I was last week. I am saying prayers for his heart and his body as I write (and maybe you can too, as you read?).

Over the weekend we got two notices from our housing. The first was a notice telling us that they were replacing our toilets this week. We had to be available any day this week from 8:30am to 4:30pm. This means that the house has to be clean everyday for the whole week until they come. Not that I don’t want it to be clean, but that is a hard challenge when you are homeschooling 5 children. We saw the toilets on the sidewalk today, they are doing our row today. I have good news and bad news. I happened to catch the plumber and he checked our bathroom floor and we are NOT getting a new toilet today, but we are getting a new shower head. In two weeks we are getting a new bathroom floor and a new toilet. Yikes. UGH. I can only imagine 5 hours without a toilet with 5 kids and 2 adults.

The other notice was for reinstalling the heat pump that was installed in the summer. Their were some mistakes that the engineer made and they have to be fixed before it can be used. This means another noisy day of drilling and workers in the house. That’s tomorrow.

I have 2 graphic design clients to finish, 3 guest posts due, product reviews, and a clutter challenge. Not to mention our homeschooling. I feel overwhelmed this morning.

So, for now… I am running to the shower and heading out the door with my little one to the eye doctor.

Please pray for us that life will settle down just a little so we can take some time to breathe.

4 thoughts on “The Way Life Is”

  1. Oh Honey, when it rains it pours, hey? Good thing you are a lady of such strong faith who can get through anything!
    If you need anything please let me know, I am only a car ride away :)

    1. Hi Jenn,

      Thank you for offering help. My mom took us to the Eye Doctor. I wrote a post about it. Wish I had some pictures of those memories.

      Now, I need to take a deep breath and prioritize everything else.


    1. Hi Cindy,

      That’s exactly it. One foot step at a time. He will light the next step when I come to it. Deep breaths. Okay, a few more deep breaths. Next step is getting kids to bed. And then some quiet time.

      Thank you for your prayers.


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