The Twins Are Climbing!

Did I say that the twins are climbing?

I meant to say that Hosanna is REALLY climbing now…

She is like a little monkey and has starting climbing out of her crib. I dreaded the day when this would happen. She is a tiny little thing – probably not even 20 pounds soaking wet (she hates water, by the way) – and amazes me every day. She can climb like crazy. Hosanna can scale the crib in no time flat. I have watched her and she is amazing. She is like a little gymnast.  She can even do somersaults and back bends. I think we need to invest in some gymnastics in the near future.

Zion can climb in and out of his seat (for eating), but his real interest is cleaning. He loves the carpet broom and the vacuum. He is obsessed with messes and likes them cleaned up right away. Thank you Lord for a child like this! He picks up the trash and puts it in the garbage. He cleans up his toys and everyone else’s. He carries all the dishes to the sink and really wants to wash dishes like the big boys. This is like a breath of fresh air around here. Jonah and I have discussed mini cleaning supplies for him and will probably pick some up for his birthday.

I think it will be awhile before Zion climbs as well as Hosanna. I think she has the advantage because she is tiny and limber. Zion is built like a football player – really husky and solid he is top heavy too,  but he has the cutest dimples.

Apparently, this climbing thing is all my fault because I climbed out of my crib as a child. This is some sort of strange payback I get for everything I put my parents through when I was little. It always comes back at you, hey?

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