The Queen and her Disorderly Castle

Once upon a time there lived a queen.

She lived in a very disorderly castle.

She desperately wanted to be more organized in time to start her next homeschooling year. She was looking for something to help her get organized, anything that would help her kingdom run more smoothly, so she called all of her knights together and sent them on a quest.

She ordered them to go out and search all the surrounding lands to find something, anything that would help her to get organized. She gave them explicit orders not to return empty handed.

The knights were determined to help the queen get her palace in order, so they looked high and they looked low. They gathered everything that the queen would need and then they gathered more.

The knights went to the local chef and gathered all of his best recipes for tasty treats and yummy meals.

Then off they went to the scientists, artists, cartographers and the historians who were overjoyed to include some of their best resources including maps, time-lines, and fact sheets for the queen.

Then they went to the writers who were excited to include their best tips and creative ideas, including letter writing tips to help the queen keep in touch with relatives in far off places.

Then they went to the local Bible scholar and he donated his best resources and a few Bible reading guides to help the queen focus the hearts of her children where they needed to be.

Everywhere the knights went all the towns’ people were excited to help the queen organize her palace and get her homeschool up and running smoothly. They wrote articles of encouragement and support and gave them to the Knights to give to the Queen.

The knights traveled far and wide to gather the best resources and the best homeschool and household planner forms to bring home to the queen.

They wanted to gather as many resources as they could so that she would never need to search again. Among the knights collection were resources for note booking, unit studies, special needs, and allergies. The knights had gathered every resource they could find. When they arrived back at the castle they gathered all the materials and put them into a huge book for the queen. When they had completed their task, they had gathered tons of resources.

When the queen received her parcel, she was overjoyed and set right to work putting her castle in order. She used the planning forms, curriculum recording sheets, goal sheets, and everything else that the knights had gathered for her. All the other mothers in the land were always asking to see this amazing planner that her knights had made for her. She realized that this resource was too good to keep to herself, so she decided to share it with all the other homeschooling mothers in the land. 

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