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The Newest Addition to the Family

Did I mention that they installed a monstrosity in my backyard?

I won’t go into all the details here because I am sure that I will just get frustrated all over again. Let’s just say they are trying to do upgrades to the units in our complex, but the upgrades don’t really benefit us and we don’t have much, if any, input. To me, it is just a series of inconveniences that aren’t making our summer any more fun or improving our life in any way.

This is the heat pump they installed in our backyard. This is actually a picture that my husband took of the installation in a vacant unit. It is roughly three feet by three feet.

On the agenda next is a new hot water tank, a new thermostat, a new toilet, a new light fixture in the bathroom, and a new shower head. Sounds like a fun summer and fall (I am being sarcastic here!). At least it will be educational for the kids to have all these field trips come to our home (looking on the bright side here).

What things would you upgrade in your house if you could?

6 thoughts on “The Newest Addition to the Family”

  1. what is a heat pump exactly? Looks like it would take up a lot of space in your already tiny back yard :( The rest of the fix its/renos sound great though!

  2. Wow, that thing is huge. My kids love to follow service people around when they come to our house. I have to rescue the workers and send the kids away most of the time!

    • Hi Briana,

      I figure it is a good learning experience for the kids. Mine follow them too. It is fine as long as they are not doing anything too dangerous (like welding).


  3. We’re renting an 80+ year old house in New Orleans. If I could do some upgrades it would be our stove/oven. It’s not quite 80 years old – but really close. Only 2 burners work and the over is SUPER hot – so kids must stay very far away! The house in general slants (living in a swamp will do that to a house!) – so when I take things out of the oven – they almost slide out!

    So yeah… makes cooking an adventure!

    I really wanted to come to your blog yesterday! I hope you have a great Thursday!
    your sis in the faith….

    • Hi Penny,

      Thank you for visiting.

      I hear you about the oven being super hot – our seal fell off shortly after we moved here. Our townhouse has weird slants – we can roll balls and cars on the floor, but I am sure it is nowhere near as bad as living in a swamp.


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