Ten Things Happening Today

1.  My post is up at The Homeschool Classroom. Check it out – 7 Steps You Can Use When Choosing Your Homeschool Materials.

2. Did you check out my post about Embarking On Your Homeschooling Journey?

3. My friend Dawn from 5 Kids on a Dog wrote a blog post that went viral – 10 Reasons I (Don’t) Homeschool.

4. Someone copied Dawn’s post and pasted it somewhere else. She is fighting to get it taken down.

5. There is a giveaway at The M.O.B. Society today. Read the post and leave a comment. A Lesson From A Mooshie.

6. We are in the middle of a heat wave and I would spend the day in my freezer if I could.

7. We are starting our third week of homeschooling. We love the homeschool materials we chose. You can read about them here – Our Homeschool Plans.

8. I am still thinking about and pondering last week’s Heart of the Matter online homeschooling conference. I am looking forward to the MP3’s being ready.

9. I am wondering if you have you read my post about The Queen and Her Disorderly Castle?

10. I am linking up with Top Ten Tuesday.

So, what ten things are happening at your house today?

6 thoughts on “Ten Things Happening Today”

  1. I was trying to click “10 Reasons I (Don’t) Homeschool” from the Top Ten Tuesday page and nothing was coming up — not even regular blog content, so I guess your #4 this is probably why? There seem to be lots of homeschooling-related links today, so I’ll be checking it all out. I’m hoping to get my beans into a Montessori charter school near me, but I’m looking for Plan B since good (especially free) schools have waitlists!

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