Taking Apart the Stereo


The stereo stopped working, so we did what any good homeschooling family would do and took it apart. Daddy and the big boys took the major parts of the stereo apart (and threw out the dangerous parts. Then Zion spent the better part of an hour messing with the leftover pieces.

What have your boys (or kids) taken apart (or built) lately?

4 thoughts on “Taking Apart the Stereo”

  1. Hehe! Looks fun! I remember my dad used to bring home broken photocopiers for my brother to take apart – he couldn’t have been much older than Zion. Dad would have to loosen the screws and nuts so Simon could get them out. He had hours of fun every day.
    We haven’t had anything broken yet that is take-apart-ible, but as soon as we do! :). I’m half tempted to go down to the thrift store and find something now! :)

    1. Hi Jennifer,

      Going to the thrift store is on my list, but I am sure I can find more broken things for the kids to take apart. It was actually the big kids that took it apart, but Zion had fun playing with the screwdriver and the pieces.

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment.


  2. Hi!
    I always think this is a neat thing to do, but wanted to advise being VERY careful. I once got quite a cut doing this, even though it seemed all the dangerous pieces were gone. And even just recently (about a year ago) my son got a slice on an open computer CPU that got infected and everything. It didn’t seem to even be sharp, but something about how he touched it sliced his poor finger right open. :(

    So it’s fun, but PLEASE be super careful! I’d hate your next post to say he sliced his finger. :)

    1. Hi Alicia,

      Thank you so much for your warning. I would hate to see for any of the kids to get injuries from having some inquisitive fun.


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