Spring Has Finally Arrived!

Maybe not? I started to write this blog post the other day about how the weather was finally starting to feel like spring. The weather is so unpredictable these days. I want to get out and garden, but I don’t like gardening when it is cold outside. Call me a wimp or blame it on my arthritis (which I really do have), but I don’t like being cold.

Regardless of the weather, I have begun to think about gardens and growing things…

The other day, I stumbled on this wonderful new blog. They had this really neat (and simple) idea for making a homemade terrarium. I have seen ideas for terrariums before this one stood out for me because it looked like something that my kids could actually do.

I was also recently visiting at 5 Kids and a Dog and found a link to kinderGARDENS. I look forward to following along and gathering ideas and resources from there for use in our own Urban Sensory Garden.

Come back and visit again for more resources and to follow along in our gardening adventure.

Don’t forget to share what you growing in your garden?

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