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Important News!

Things are a bit of a mess! We have recently (aka last night) recovered posts and pages from my previous blog (not the crash of 2009 but the most recent redo) and I was able to import posts from my blogspot before that. I have also imported posts from a couple of other blogs that I want to close out because I no longer use them (in the interest of simplifying my life). It is going to take some work to get everything organizing and functioning in a fluid way. Please be patient as I try to merge everything and make it all make sense (to me and you). I am excited to be able to bring you all of this new content (and refer to it in blog posts).

I also wanted to share that Homeschool4free is back! I was able to import all of my content from a previous blogspot and very soon all of the information from my previous site (before the most recent redesign) will be up there as well. Keep in mind that the format may change a bit as I recreate things to make them more functional. I hope you enjoy.

6 thoughts on “Redesign – Just a note”

    1. Hi Jody,

      It is a lot of work, but I think it is less work than cutting and pasting which would have been the alternative. I will have a fun weekend ahead of me. I need to finish this and then the next project is adding in the downloads – which I am sure everyone has been anticipating the return of.


  1. I’m glad to hear you will be able to bring back a lot of the other posts you had! Hope it all goes well!
    .-= Auntie Diane´s last blog ..Make New Blogging Friends with It’s a Social Parade =-.

    1. Hi Diane,

      I was so excited to discover that the posts and pages from the blog (right before this redesign) could be fairly easily imported. Now… they need to be organized, tagged, categorized, etc. That’s a ton of work. We also imported my previous blog (from before the major crash in 2009) and that will be a mess to sort out too. I am just thankful that I did not have to hand import all of those posts.

      Thanks for visiting and commenting.


  2. Hey I didn’t know that Homeschool4Free was your site too! LOL Small world! I’m looking forward to seeing what you brought in!
    .-= Dawn´s last blog ..Do You Know How To… =-.

    1. Hi Dawn,

      Thanks for visiting my site and taking the time to leave a comment. I love comments.

      To get to the Homeschool4free, just click through the Homeschool4free button on the sidebar to get there. I imported tons of posts (only about 500+). I still have many more pages of links of resources to get up there. Time… if only I had more of it.


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