Rearranging The House

Sleepless in our house!

We haven’t been getting much sleep at our house since the twins were born. In the beginning it was the whole breastfeed, supplement, pump, and begin again ordeal (and you had to do that double time). We would just get them both settled and make a quick potty trip, grab something to eat or drink, and then it was time to begin the whole show over again.

I turned 36 somewhere during the first 2 weeks of the twins’ life and I vaguely remember it – okay, maybe not. Sleep was non-existent or fleeting at best. I can survive on little sleep (about 4-6 hours, even broken up), and I am still functional with a wee bit of coffee to jump start me in the morning.  My husband on the other hand, needs his sleep and falls asleep without warning during the day if he is not getting enough at night.

Last night we didn’t even get to sleep in our bed. We were just getting ready to go to bed and both babies woke up and nursed for what seemed like forever. Then they were a bit crabby when we put them back to bed. We decided to not even try to sleep in the bedroom – I went to the office and hubby went to the couch.

I was wide awake, my mind full of ideas. I played with one idea in my head and was up way to late pondering it.

What if…. we rearranged the bedrooms?

This would be a major undertaking and it would take a large amount of planning and time. Let me just state upfront that we would have loved to put the babies straight into the office (after moving everything out of course), but the door does not close properly and it is right at the top of the stairs. Since we have a little climber, we would like them to sleep with their door closed so at least they cannot invade the house while everyone sleeps (I can’t even imagine the things they could get into working together). So, the office option (which would have been the simplest) was out.

Then I thought we could just move Elisha into the office and put the babes in his room (the next smallest – and – the door closes). I didn’t like the idea of the babies being at the other end of the house – or beside the 2 boys who like to make lots of noise when they play (while babies are napping of course). So, that would mean switching Elisha and the office (but the office would turn into the nursery) and switching the boys’ room with our room (which would absorb the office now that the cribs are gone).

I mentioned all of this to my husband this morning after not much sleep was had yet again last night. We casually discussed the idea. I mentioned that it could take a month or so to make the switch and he looked at me kind of funny (with the wheels turning in his head).

Before I knew it, the boys were moving into our room and we were moving into their room and the babies moved into Elisha’s room.

And Elisha… is in transition.

He spent the night in the boys’ room on a mattress, but he should have a fully functioning room by the end of tomorrow.

My husband is amazing. He single handedly, with scattered help from boys, and with babes under foot, put the wheels of change in motion.

The bedrooms have not changed much over the last couple of years, so it feels odd to sit and type on the other side of the house in our bedroom/office.

It is kind of strange having the babes in another room (we share a wall), but it is also nice knowing that sleep might actually happen tonight (if I wrap this up and go to bed).

Now the house is almost rearranged, it is time to start thinking about decorating. The little boys (Moses 8 and Malachi 6) have opted for a dinosaur theme. The last time that I talked with Elisha (9) we agreed on an astronomy or geography theme. The babies will actually have a nursery and I have no ideas for their room yet. I would love to hear your ideas for any of these themes or the nursery.

3 thoughts on “Rearranging The House”

  1. I did a “twinkle twinkle little star” theme in our nursery when I first had my little ones, the kids loved it, I got the irridecent paint to put stars every where and thekids always hunted them out on the walls! and all the different shades of yellow were pretty soft and relaxing! :) We’ve got 4 kiddos here, and they all enjoyed it… now we’ve got thomas the train in the boys room, but I used those peel away stickers and they are now moving around the move.. they look horrible and I’d never buy them again, the same with the girls room.. the boys started moving the princesses around lol.. (I”ve got 2g/2b) .. anyhow going to do a country/western theme in the boys room shortly and not sure what to do with the girls yet!

  2. Hi Honey! I love your blog! Thanks for all the work you do with it for homeschooling families! You are a blessing! For the twins nursery I was thinking animals. I love cute little nurseries with little baby animals, whether it’s the Noah’s Ark theme, or a jungle theme. I think I like them because they can be so bright and playful, which is so very baby/toddler! Good luck with your decorating and I hope you all get better sleep now!
    .-= Kari´s last blog ..MIA =-.

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