Our Homeschool Plans

Up until this point, I have been pretty tight lipped about our schooling for this coming year. Let me tell you, this was the hardest year, as far as choosing curriculum goes. It seems that I am not the only one who had trouble choosing this year. Many homeschooling families around my neck of the woods had trouble choosing their materials and some even chose not to homeschool anymore, but that is another post altogether.

We have used all kinds of materials over the past five years including My Father’s World, Winter Promise, Sonlight, Story of the World, and Noeo Science to name just a few. Let me just clarify here, that these are all excellent programs, but for one reason another, they just did not fit our family. Keep in mind that our family has Autism, ADHD, and some learning issues and challenges thrown into the mix, not to mention 2 year old twins!

I prayed long and hard about what materials we would be using this year. I also spent a solid week looking at samples and reading scope and sequences for 3 kids and roughly 21 different subjects! Oh boy! That was a lot of work and tons to keep straight in my brain. I have not even begun to plan for the twins yet (that will be another post).

We made the plunge to have a year that was mostly workbooks and textbooks. You know what, I am really excited. I was opening the boxes last night and looking through all the teacher’s manuals and I had flashbacks to when I was a little girl teaching my teddy bears using old textbooks from garage sales.

I am really excited about the materials that we have chosen and so far, from reading through the teacher’s manuals and looking at the student books, I think I made some great choices. Elisha had a chance to look through his materials today and was absolutely thrilled with his new books.

Everything is here now, except  English 5 and Science 2, both of which should arrive in the middle of August.

Here is what we chose for this year:

Elisha – grade 5

  • Bible 5 – BJU Press
  • Math 7 – BJU Press
  • English 5 – BJU Press
  • The One Year Adventure Novel
  • Spelling 6 – BJU Press
  • Apologia General Science
  • Mystery of History 1 (as a family)
  • Mapping the World by Heart
  • French (Maybe – The Easy French Jr – if I can find it)

Moses – grade 4

  • Bible 4 – BJU Press
  • Math 3 – BJU Press
  • English 3 – BJU Press
  • Reading 3 – BJU Press
  • Spelling 3 – BJU Press
  • Science 3 – BJU Press
  • Mystery of History 1 (as a family)

Malachi – grade 2

  • Bible 1 – BJU Press
  • Math 1 – BJU Press
  • English and Phonics 1 – BJU Press
  • Reading 1 – BJU Press
  • Spelling 1 – BJU Press
  • Science 2 – BJU Press
  • Mystery of History 1 (as a family)

Zion and Hosanna – preschool

  • I am working on it, more to come soon.

What are you doing for school this year?