Organizing The Shoe Box and Books

Do you remember recently when I mentioned our shoe box?

It could also be known as the office.

Well, we did a bit of rearranging. We moved all of the miscellaneous books from the hall into the office and moved all the kids books into the hall. The books in the hall were more appropriate for mommies and daddies. I don’t think my boys really need to have access to The Womanly Art of Breastfeeding or my DK Pregnancy and Childbirth textbook. I also don’t think they have much use for His Needs, Her Needs or How to Win Friends and Influence People. I am pretty sure the boys weren’t reading those books, but I feel better know they are tucked away in the office (and there when I might need them).

The shoe box has a hodge podge of stuff from every corner of the house. It was the room where you opened the door, crammed stuff in, and ran. Okay, that is pretty big exaggeration. If you find the other post (the one about my notebook) you will be amazed to see how much stuff we actually fit in there. We are loading the bookshelves with books and tidying up.

This is where I keep all of that homeschool material that will one day be used (or not). You know all that amazing curricula that awaits you on the free table at the local homeschool meeting each fall (after you have already purchased everything for the entire year and you don’t need anymore)? This room houses it all (there are a few boxes in the basement). Did I mention that there are a few boxes stored in boys’ bedroom closets too?

Before you think I have too much stuff (which I already know I do) let me tell you… I acquire things for free and it multiplies. I honestly don’t know where it all comes from. I am working my way through and giving stuff away. It is such a good feeling to give things away (especially things of value).

Sorting through all of the homeschool material has been fun, enlightening, interesting, challenging, and well, I can’t think of anymore descriptive words. Its late… and I should be in bed (but I wanted to write about our day).

Where was I?

We were going through books today and loading up the hall closet with kids books.

The boys have a hard time putting the books on the shelf the proper way, so I came up with a system. Are you ready for this? It is so crazy and simple. We loaded the hall bookshelf up with kids books (I know, I said that already – a couple of times). They can take the books out one at a time to read. When they are done reading they are to put them into a bucket (its big) on the floor in front of the shelf. Then when we are tidying the hallway we will put the books back up on the shelf (or whenever we see the bucket getting full).

This way the boys will  have free reign of those books. Books hopefully won’t end up all over their bedroom floor and get trampled on again (although, I know that is bound to happen sooner or later). And the most important thing is that my homeschool books won’t go disappearing never to be seen again (or colored in – you know those black line master books!).

The room is shaping up. Things are getting organized. We have a box of books to get rid of. We even recycled damaged beyond repair books. We found some new gems and some old treasures to read again. We even found some fun board books for the babies.

What are you cleaning up in your life these days? I would love to hear about it.

3 thoughts on “Organizing The Shoe Box and Books”

  1. I do clean up! Whole morning I was sorting, cleaning and moving paper files, workbooks, ideabooks and hundreds of sheets, scraps and art supplies I collected through years. I brought big box for trash, fullfilled it immediatelly and then I came up with some new ideas. So I took things out of the boxt and started another sorting session. The common point for us is shoe boxes – I used many of them for new supplies I made out of the trash can. Here are some:

    I cut out most of pictures – color, black and white, colored nicely by kids – and lots of fancy letters, backgrounds, things like that. I put this stuff in separate shoes box and it’s full by now. In few days I want my kids to play story making: each kid picks one picture and makes one sentence of the story. The next one pick another and the thing goes on.

    Fancy letters are great for alphabet collages.

    Backgrounds and colorful pictures – saved for homemade confetti and stripes for pictures frames.

    My beloved ones – cataloges from paint shops – they made me think of hundreds of games. Have you read the names of some paints? “Foggy Dawn” or “Lime ‘n Lemon in July” or “Furious Pepper” :D Try to match color samples with names. Not so easy but very funny. Color samples are also great for mosaics – just cut samples in rectangles or any shape you like.

    How about cuting out parts of the body from magazines and making portrays of your emotions? I’ve got plenty of eyes and ears, but need more mouths.

    Do you know they use high quality cradboard to separate rowsin big boxes of tea bags ? This superwhite rectangles are made just to be bookmarks.

    I had also big supply of scraps of color bristol paper kept in paper bags in case of… Wrong, this “case of” never happens. I cut them in basic shapes and will use as shape mosaic.

  2. I just spent too much time reading through your posts. I’ve been enjoying your blog. Loved the post on Spelling. thanks for the great ideas. I cleaned up our school shelves yesterday and blogged about it last night. :)

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