Mom, when was the first time you used a computer?

I remember the first time I used a computer. Can you believe that it was over 22 years ago?

When I was in grade 5, they had a computer in the library. I don’t remember what kind it was (hey, a lot has happened in the last 22 years), but I do remember that we had to type lines of code to make things appear on the screen. I typed the code in to make a large red apple appear. It is amazing how vivid that memory is.

After that experience with the computer it would not be another 10 years until I received a hand me down Macintosh from my dad. I did amazing things with that Mac and I had loads of fun.

Around that same time, I had the opportunity to acquire an old Commodore 64. You remember those computers, right? You type your code and save it to a disk. If you shut off your computer, it forgets everything.

A little over 10 years ago I had a laptop and I was introduced to the Internet for the first time. I was on dial-up. I remember trying to send emails and being constantly disconnected. I remember chatting in a Christian chatroom. That was the only way to chat, now we have twitter, facebook, and various messengers. My husband and I met through the Internet, but that is another story for another day.

Today, I have a laptop with wireless Internet. Dial-up is a distant memory. I love the freedom to cart my laptop around the house and work from wherever I need to be.

My son’s experience with computers and the Internet is so very different than mine. He has had the opportunity to use older computers (granted they are only a few years old) and he complains that they are too slow. I wonder what his thoughts would be about a computer that you had to program or Internet that cut out all the time?

What was your first experience with the computer? I would love to hear about it.

2 thoughts on “Mom, when was the first time you used a computer?”

  1. When I was young, about ten or so, someone gave my dad an Apple computer. I remember the whole family gathered around watching in awe as a little stick figure danced to Turkey in the Straw! It had a brick game on it that we thought was awesome! Later, we had a computer that was a black screen with green lettering. I remember how amazing a color computer was the first time I saw one in high school! I remember being so impressed with email. (I still have my very first email address!!!) And when I was in college, my brother got a program for his computer that came with SOUND! I was telling my 18 year old niece about these experiences recently, and she was startled! lol She can not remember life without Windows. :)
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  2. I think we got a Commodore 64 when I was in 4th grade. I used to play a game called Facemaker on it. My high school senior spring (1997) I got a laptop and dial up internet and AOL and thought that was SO awesome. I hadn’t had an email address before that. Then I went to college and soon everything was online and second nature. I’ve often thought that for people who went to college before the late 90s email must have been harder to get used to.

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