Missing In Action!

Prayers would be greatly appreciated for our family. I will be taking a short break from the computer this week while we recover from illness.

On Friday Elisha woke up throwing up.

On Saturday Malachi woke up throwing up.

On Monday Zion pulled the pumpkin plant out of the garden. When my husband went to replant it, he saw a bee hobbling around. In hindsight he should have picked it up and turfed it over the fence, but he didn’t. Later my daughter (2) who is very good at catching flies and other insects was walking around with it.

A little bit later Zion was really crabby and we were going up to the twins’ room to nurse and head for nappies. Well, I notice this weird mark on his forehead. Then I start looking around his face and his neck is very red. His other cheek has hives. We strip him down. His arms, his legs, his feet, his tummy are covered with hives. They are everywhere. And… we were out of Benadryl. My husband bolted to the pharmacy (10 min walk away) and was back in record time. We gave him two doses right away. It took 30 minutes for the hives to disappear.

The twins both had a nap and we finished up making dinner. The twins come down for dinner. We are all eating dinner and they both started throwing up. Somehow we made it through dinner. The rest of the night is a blur. We had 4 out of 7 people throwing up and having diarrhea. I called my mom at 5am yesterday morning to come help with the kids because Jonah and I could not move. We spent the whole day in bed. I am still not at all well, but at least the throwing up and diarrhea has stopped. Everyone has had the bug now and we are praying that it does not go around again.

As for the hives, every 6 hours when the Benadryl wears off the hives come right back. So Zion is still having Benadryl every 6 hours (as needed). Tomorrow is a holiday here so the doctor’s office is closed, but I did have a chat with the nurse and she can get him in Friday morning if he is still having issues or we will visit a clinic or the ER if the situation changes.

We have to take our daughter into the allergist again to renew her prescription for her EpiPen and I will be making an appointment for my son to have testing for bee sting allergies. I think we will have her tested as well – just so we know.

We would really appreciate your continued prayers for our family.

21 thoughts on “Missing In Action!”

  1. Sorry that everyone is so sick. You need to rest and take care of you and the family before worrying about us in blogger land. We’ll miss you, but more importantly we want you to get well!

  2. Hey there, i thank you for stopping by Underneath His Wrapping…!
    So sorry about the illness. I will certainly be praying for God’s healing… for speedy recovery of all.

  3. OOO NOO!! Bee Stings are one of my concerns for my little allergic one! So sorry it all happened at once..
    Hang in there.

    1. Hi Kelly,

      Thank you for visiting. I think the worst is over now. We are rethinking our garden to cut down on the number of bees that visit here.


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