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My children love watching educational videos. For some reason they really enjoy math videos.

Last year we purchased all three volumes of MathTacular from Sonlight. They were working on a fourth video, but as far as I know, it is not available yet. My kids have watched these videos over and over again. I highly recommend them. (We have all 4 volumes now.)

I went on a search to see what math videos were available on-line for free. I came up with quite a few links. I thought you might enjoy them. I will be weaving these into our school day for a bit of extra practice.

  1. Math Vids
  2. Math TV
  3. Math A Tube
  4. Just Math Tutorials
  5. XP Math
  6. Math Videos
  7. Teacher Tube
  8. Math Playground Math Videos
  9. Math Video Initiative

I am linking this post up with Math Monday (which sadly no longer exists).

2 thoughts on “Math Videos On-line”

    1. Hi Min,

      My kids absolutely loved Mathtacular. They are worth the money! You can just let your kids watch them or you can use them with a math program that you are using. Their Science DVD’s are really good too.


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