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little bitty learners

Life is busy and I am trying to build in special times with my almost 2 year old twins… (aka Little Bitty Learners).

We have five children (ages 10, 8, 6, 23 months, and 23 months). Life is busy, crazy, a little wild, and a volume control option would be nice now and then.

It is my desire to purposely set aside time for the twins (for more than hugs, kisses, stories, and creative play – which we do already!). I want to weave fun and educational activities into their day.

Today’s post is loaded with links of excellent places that I have found and love to visit when gathering ideas for inspiring things to do with the babes. I can’t believe they are almost two already.

In my weekly Little Bitty Learners’ posts, I hope to share with you loads of resources, great blogs, and fun activities for the Toddler/Preschool age group. I hope you’ll stop by and visit again.

What are your favorite Toddler/Preschool resources?

6 thoughts on “Little Bitty Learners – Loads of Resources”

  1. This sounds great. I’ll visit often for ideas for my 3 yr old twins. I focus so much time on my 8 and 6 year old. The little ones do join in on a lot of the Kinder learning but I’d still like to add more for them.
    thanks for doing this :)

    1. Hi Isabel,

      Thank so much for visiting. I spend more time with my older children too and wanted something special just for the twins. I hope you find some great resources here.


    1. Kari,

      Thanks for the kind words about my web design. It is shaping up. I can’t wait until the design process is over (again) and then I can focus on posting.


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