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Do you have a large family?

We have a large family. We have five children and visiting grandparents to feed most nights. That works out to roughly 9 people on any given night for dinner and sometimes through out the day. We have allergies in the family too (dairy, egg, and nuts). I have made it my mission to transform recipes to be free of our daughter’s allergens and still not break the budget.

As I set out to plan my menu for the week, I decided it was high time to gather a collection of resources for recipes. These recipe places were selected because of their “large family or crowd” appeal, not because of the lack of allergens (just a caution to you if you have allergies).

If you have  a large family (whatever that means to you) or you need to cook for a crowd, check out these amazing links.

What is your favorite “large” recipe? Please share…

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