It’s A Social Parade!

Today has been such a busy day, I almost forgot about the Social Parade!

We had a slow start this morning because the babies were up most of the night nursing and I slept sitting up. Then I tried to get a bit of extra sleep this morning, but it just was not happening (you know mornings like that, right?). My sister came for a visit this afternoon and the house was full of nine kids from 4 months to 10 years old. It was wild, it was crazy. We ate chocolate cake! It was kind of like a party.

Speaking of parties, let’s get going on this week’s Social Parade. First, you need to go over to Smart and Trendy Moms and read the guidelines. It’s a parade of Google Friend Connect this week.

Let’s get this party started…. I have some chocolate cake in the kitchen… does anyone want some? Hey, don’t forget to be my friend on Google Friend Connect (it’s in the sidebar). And leave me a comment… I love comments (doesn’t everyone?).