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Interesting Discovery In The Garden

Guess what we found in the bottom of one of the large planter pots (that I mentioned in my post about the Worm Knots)?

We  found a snail!

A real, live, snail.

I have never seen a real, live, snail before.

I have seen them in photographs and in books before, but never in my own garden.

I was so excited to be able to see one close up.

The boys were even more excited than I was.

Isn’t he cute?

What crazy critters have you found recently?

Have you ever seen a snail close up?

13 thoughts on “Interesting Discovery In The Garden”

  1. Last year, we kept a snail indoors in a jar for a week. The most amazing thing ever was discovering that you can HEAR a snail chew! Try putting it on a piece of cucumber peel and hold it up near you ear!

  2. I love new discoveries, especially for children! Here in Cali. we are have to play “Don’t step on the Snail” when we step out our front door. Congratulations on your find. If you want some more I’ll see if I can talk some of ours to inch your way. :)

    My Heart’s Desire

    • Hi Lynda,

      Thanks for visiting and taking the time to comment. I don’t mind if you send more our way. That one was the first one that we had ever found in our garden. My son did find one more after that and was really excited about it.


  3. They’re cool critters, aren’t they?? This year we’ve had so many around our house. I got some cool pictures awhile ago that are on my blog. My daughter had a baby snail that she found and kept in a jar for a few days as well, before she accidently released it (outside, thank God!) She had “mommy and daddy” snails as well just recently – going to post pictures of those soon. They’re pretty interesting to watch!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      I can’t wait to see the pictures of the mommy and daddy snails. That should be, um, educational. Come back and let me know when you post and I will come visit.

      I remember viewing the snail pictures. They were really good!


  4. Ooooo! They are cool! I’ve seen underwater snails before, but not a “land” snail. “Dirt” snail? What would they be called?

    Great pictures!!

    • Hi Dee,

      I believe they are just “land snails” which is kind of boring. Apparently there are many different types of snails. Just try googling it and see what you come up with.


    • I say that because where I am from they are everywhere are are considered quite a best. It would be like you hearing someone say. “I saw a fly today! I have never seen a fly before!” I am not making fun. I am just purely astounded. :)

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