I Found My Notebook…

Okay, which one of you was praying? (Thank you!)

I was in our office today….

This room should not even be called an office because it is more like a shoe box, seriously. Right now, this room has 5 bookshelf units with a total of 17 shelves (all full of books), a wooden table (that houses my husband’s computer), a chair (to sit at the table), and a single bed (where I now sit to type). It is too small to be a nursery for the twins, but not really big enough to be anything other than a storage room (aka – our office).

I was in our office today… and as I was leaving the room and walking out into the hall… something captured my eye. There was a spiral notebook, opened and folded, kind of inside out. You could see the lined pages and the metal, spiral binding, but NONE of the plaid. I was looking for a PLAID notebook. Out of curiosity, I slid the notebook from its stack of magazines and papers. Can you imagine my excitement when I discovered that it was my notebook?

I need to let you in on a little secret… we have been going through clutter around the house and getting rid of things. We have found many such notebooks (none as special) just loaded with ideas of things to write or create.  I am never without ideas (even if I am occasionally without my “idea notebook“).

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