I climbed a castle guarded by…

the pirate from Peter Pan, a Rescue Hero, and a Playmobil Knight.

I climbed the castle to get into the shower!

You know you are a mother of boys when you go into the bathroom and find a battle scene. At any given moment, some room in my house has a battle scene being set up. I am getting used to it, but I still don’t like stepping on those little green army men.

This afternoon the living room floor was completely covered from one end to the other with pattern blocks. It wasn’t a mess, it was a carefully constructed war scene by my six year old (Malachi). He played out the battle over several hours complete with sound effects. Moms of boys know what I am talking about when I mention sound effects, right?

Sound effects abound in our house. Our house is loud. I don’t know how to make it quiet (I really wish that I could turn down the volume some days). I think boys are just loud (we have 4 boys and 1 girl). Now, don’t get me wrong, I know that girls can be loud too (I have one, remember). My personal experience is that girls are social (and chatty) while boys make sound effects (noise that doesn’t always make sense).

My boys love chatting too. I have one (Elisha) that will share facts all day long (and late into the night), if you let him. I have another (Moses) that has a fictional character and story he has created and their adventures are endless (the creativity, wow!). I have yet another (Malachi) who loves to share his stories. My boys love chatting, but I think they love making noise with their mouths more.

There have been times where I have mentioned to friends that my son (Moses) was in his room blowing up and people asked me what was wrong. There was nothing wrong… he just goes into his room and makes blowing up noises and plays out the scenes in his head. He used to do this all over the house, but we have trained him now to go to his room when he feels the need to “blow up.”  It’s like the stories are in there just waiting to get out and he can’t help himself (yes, we are working on self control).

Zion (almost 2) is a boy of a few words. He is a deep thinker. He gets your attention when he needs to be heard, but quietly minds his business. Hosanna (almost 2) is going to be a social butterfly and a chatterbox. She is always coming and chattering with everyone and is picking up more new words each day.

I climbed over a castle to get into the shower and was reminded how unique our children are and how much we love their individuality and their original characteristics. I think God really knew what he was doing when he gave us these children. Each one brings a special flavor to the mix. The house just wouldn’t be the same without the endless documentaries, the story telling, the battle scenes, or the distant sounds of blowing up.

So, I am curious… do your boys make sound effects?

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