I Am Working On The New Design

As promised, I would keep you updated with our progress.

I was planning on a new site design, layout, everything, for very soon. I was not planning on doing it this week. Instead of taking the time to reinstall the old theme (which will have to be reformatted), and then create a new theme and later install it also, I have decided to go ahead with the new theme now. I will work as quickly as possible to get everything up and active again for everyone. With in the week, we should have a fully functional site again. Hopefully sooner.

I just wanted to reassure everyone that we are coming back. The downloads will still be available. The Workbox Blogroll will return. We have recovered all of the posts – they just need to be imported. We are working as fast as we can.

I will post up little notes and updates as I have more information.

It will be at least a week before I can resume anything of our regularly schedule events. Please bear with us.

You can leave a comment to let us know you are still around.


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