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We wanted to learn more about Hawaii following the tsunami warning resulting from the earthquake in Chile. We found some great resources.

General Information:

Lesson Plans:

Have you studied Hawaii? Do you have any useful resources to share? Leave your thoughts in the comments.

1 thought on “Hawaii”

  1. We did a unit study on Hawaii about a year ago. My husband and I had gone to Maui in December and the study was a great way to share with our kids about the trip.

    The kids made lapbooks, and I shared some of the resources that we used in a post here:

    I wish I had found all the links you referenced in this post back then, you have lots of information that we did not touch!

    One of our favorites was a video of baby turtles found here:

    You used to be able to view it there, but I can’t seem to any more. You can order it for $5 shipping, but I don’t know if it would be worth that.

    Thanks for all the great links!

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