Guess What Came In The Mail?

The big boys were gathered around the table listening intently to daddy read from the new book that came in the mail. Their eyes were wide and their ears were perked. Daddy read from the special book for a little while and then he did an object lesson.

The special book that Daddy was reading from was the Hands-on-Bible. The reading was from John chapter 1 and the object lesson was included right there on the page following the scripture reading.

I contribute at the MOB (not that MOB, The Mothers of Boys Society). When we were asked if we wanted to review the Hands-on-Bible, I was really excited. I have five children and we homeschool, so of course I was excited to have a chance to review this Bible.

The Hands-on-Bible has a colorful cover and is very appealing to the kids. My ten year old snatched it up and snuck away for an afternoon of Bible reading (I thought that was really cool). The other boys keep trying to borrow it claim it, but I told them they would have to wait until I finished my review.

At the beginning of each book of this Bible there is a fun two page summary including a time line. There are maps and a concordance at the very back. There are fun activities (with instructions and pictures right there) through all of the different books to help your children learn the various concepts presented as they read the scriptures. It is like having a Sunday School right there in your Bible. This would be perfect for Sunday School Teachers or anyone teaching a Bible class for kids. It is, or course, loads of fun and a great resource for mamas who are homeschooling or spending their days with lots of children.

Read more about the Hands-on-Bible from Tyndale and even view samples.

Enter the contest (CLICK RIGHT HERE) for the chance to win one of three great prize packages including:

  • A gift card for 12 family pizza dinners
  • Two hardcover Hands-On Bibles
  • If you’ve already purchased one or two, we’ll give you a refund!
  • Hands-On Bible Curriculum for your church (one age level of your choice) and
  • All three What’s In the Bible? DVDs.

You can visit and join the website, My Hands-On-Bible.

You can visit and join the Hands-on-Bible Facebook Group.

I received a copy of this book free of charge for the purposes of conducting this review from Tyndale House. The ideas and opinions expressed in this review are my own. To see what the rest of the MOB has to say, visit The MOB Society.

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