Getting Organized!

The more I work on the redesign, the more work I realize there is to do!

Who would have thought that there was this much work involved in creating (or recreating) a blog! You just put up your blog and post, right? All the experienced bloggers out there can let out a hearty, knowing laugh now!

My first priority was to come up with a new look so the blog wasn’t half dressed. Nobody wants to visit a naked blog! I’ve got the blog all dressed up and even snazzy enough for the Ultimate Blog Party!

Color, And Lots Of It

I knew that I wanted strawberry and chocolate this time around. I wasn’t sure what exactly I wanted though, so it took a bit of playing and tons of custom coding on my husband’s part (he is such a sweetie) to get the look just the way I wanted it. I love the new theme and the girlie new digs. I kept the header simple because there is always so much going on around here and the buttons in the sidebar are so colorful already.

Link Buttons

I have been busy putting all the buttons in the sidebars as placeholders (all the good stuff will be linked there eventually!).  With the new design, I realized that I have a bunch of new buttons to make. Speaking of buttons, Sunflower Graphic Design Studio will be opening soon. I can’t wait! I have a really fun and colorful design almost finished. When it opens, I will be having some fabulous grand opening giveaways! Did I say that I couldn’t wait? There are just not enough hours in the day.


Now that all the placeholders (aka pretend buttons that don’t go anywhere) are in place, I can start working on adding in all the plugins. I can’t remember all the plugins that I had on the site – note to self, write down what plugins you install this time! Thanks to 5 Kids and a Dog for sharing her plugins list with me. I had so much fun making all the graphics for her blog (Have you been over there to visit yet?). I can’t wait to design your graphics (contact me).


Over the next few days, I will be working on getting the content back up. It could take a bit getting things organized because everything needs to be copied and pasted and reformatted (this was the only way we could do it given our specific circumstances with the server) into its new home. All the graphics will need to be resized for the new them (and thumbnails added). All the PDF downloads will need to be uploaded again and organized. And so on…

There is much work ahead and many sleepless nights (oh wait, I already have those – I nurse twins!). I hope to keep you fully informed and I would love it if you would follow along as we rebuild. I sure could use the company!

Blessings Honey

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