The Princess Quest

The Princess Quest

This game was created for the little princess in your life. The colorful princess is on a quest to find the castle. You can help her get there. Create your own questions on princess and castle cards. Follow the directions on the game board squares as the princess moves along the pathway to get to the castle.

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  1. Hi Honey,

    I think we’ve talked in the past…I have twins also. Their boys and their climbers too! When we moved into our new house I had such high hopes for their room…boy was I delusional,LOL. They both had their own convertable cribs but when they turned around 15 months (they were 2 month premature) they were climbing out of them. So I decided to transform their cribs into day beds, it was the only safe solution for us at the time. Wow has it been difficult to keep them in thier beds!!! Just when I thought that was going good they decided to start clibing the outside of the crib/daybed and jumping onto the mattress! Their killing me! Soooo after a nasty bump on Campbell’s forhead from losing his balance and lots of “no I don’t want their room to look like this” from me, we decided to take both beds apart and put them in the garage. So now all they have is little crib mattresses on the floor. They look like two little orphans and their bedroom echoes from lack of furniture, LOL. It really looks sad but it’s safe at least. I’m hoping to be able to bring them back in eventually, I paid way to much for them not to be used. They love anything motorized so I plan to stensil cars, busses, trucks, and airplains on their wall (because sticker wouldn’t last 2 seconds!) The walls are already painted blue with red curtains on the windows so there is already great color. I just have to find the time to do the rest! I know this doesn’t help a lot but I felt like sharing our “twin” issues. It never ends…but really I wouldn’t want it to:’)

    Blessings to you and your family,


    Kimberly in Oklahoma

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