Foto Friday

This week’s challenge is CIRCLES.

I thought it was going to be super hard to find circles, but once I started looking, they were everywhere.

A Cheerio that I found on the carpet.

A doorstop.

Looking through a stacking ring.

A sensory light disk in my son’s bedroom. It is really a circle.

Part of a speaker.

Another part of the speaker.

Hosanna making a circle with her mouth!

What do you think of my circles?

6 thoughts on “Foto Friday”

  1. HA! the cheerio made me laugh- I shoulda looked for those here…
    I have to agree with the others though, the stacking ring is my favorite!

  2. Hi :)

    Your pictures were great :) I really liked the one of Hosanna’s circle mouth :) It brought a smile to my face, the one thru a stacking ring was really creative, and the sensory disk was really cool looking :)

    I wanted to tell you also, that I read your post about breastfeeding your twins..My littlest will be 2 the end of June and it’s sort of discouraging sometimes the imput I’ve received from the fact that I am still nursing her..Even my mother is incredulous that I am nursing her..I only do it in the evening before bed at this point but I was glad not only to read your post, but the comments you received because it made me feel like I’m not the only person out there that nurses past one yr old~ Thanks :)

  3. They were all pretty creative, but I also liked the view through the stacking ring. That was really cute……

  4. A few days late, but no less genuine… WELCOME to Foto Friday! Loved all your circles…in fact, seems to me you share my passion for close-ups!

    And what ADORABLE children! Hope to see you again this week! :-)

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