Circles and Squares and Pastels

As I was writing a post about art for the Homeschool Classroom, I was looking for a photo to include in it. I was also trying to figure out the last time that we actually did art (and took pictures of it). It had been quite a while, so I decided to choose an art project from one of the sites that I was linking up to (in that post that I was writing). I had a long look around and found a great art project for us to try.

Here is Moses posing with his art.

Hosanna is enjoying herself. She loves to color.

I am pretty sure that she has some pastel in her mouth here.

And here she has colored the table and has now moved on to eating the pastel.

You can’t really see it in the picture, but her nose was bright red and her hands were bright red from the pastel.

Zion commandeered my paper and proceeded to finish coloring it.

In the bottom right hand corner, you can see his red circle. Right above that red circle is a blue line which he said was an airplane.

Pardon the messy table and the boy without the shirt. We were much too busy doing our art to notice.

Here is Malachi posing with his picture. He is kind of grumpy here (not sure what was going on there).

You can also see my new love seat in this picture. It is part of the couch set which I promised I would take pictures of but haven’t yet (well, here you go).

This is Moses’ beautiful pastel artwork.

This is Malachi’s beautiful pastel artwork.

This is Elisha’s beautiful pastel artwork (attempt #2). Elisha had some issues with this project. He couldn’t make it perfect and it frustrated him. He ended up crumpling up and then ripping his first attempt. This was as far as he could get before his hands got too tired.

This is Hosanna’s beautiful pastel artwork.

This is Hosanna’s second piece of beautiful pastel artwork.

This is Zion’s piece of beautiful pastel artwork. You can see he was trying to do circles here.

PS – I was watching Hosanna while we did our art projects and she is completely left handed. Any lefties out there? I might need to call on you when we start learning how to print.

So, what have you been doing for art lately?

4 thoughts on “Circles and Squares and Pastels”

  1. These pictures had me chuckling. You have some very talented children. We have been working on an animal sculpture, and some sketches showing foreground and background drawing. My son’s fascination is with spaceships and the planets. Art is so much fun!

    1. Hi Lynda,

      Thank you for visiting Sunflower Schoolhouse. Thank you for the kind words about the art. Oh, sculpture sounds fun. We need to do some of that. My son went through a fascination with the planets. Yes, art is awesome.


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