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I have come across some interesting articles about blogging recently and wanted to share them with you. I also wanted a place to keep them, so that I can review them again at will (because they are inspiring).

10 Lessons I’ve Learned By Writing 100+ Blog Posts

I really like this blog post about the lessons learned while the author wrote a 100+ blog posts in the last five months. If you are interested in blogging then I invite you to read this article.

31 Days of Organizing for a Better 2010: Declutter

This article is NOT about blogging, but rather about goal setting (to reduce clutter). I like the advice about setting goals and they could easily be transfered to setting goals about your blogging.

Blogging Goals for the New Year

This post discusses how to set clear goals for your blog.

How to Improve Your Writing Skills via Social Media

This article discusses the benefits of using social media to improve your writing. The author has an interesting perspective.

Savvy Blogging

This blog is a collaboration of a few different bloggers and the focus is on taking you from Blog to Business. They have some interesting articles that I have enjoyed reading.

Write Your Ideas Immediately

A timeless reminder to write down creative ideas immediately…

What blog writing helps have you found in your travels around the Internet?

2 thoughts on “Blog Writing Helps”

  1. Mandi @ Organizing Your Way

    Thanks so much for including the 31 Days series post in your list of links! It just so happens that we’ll be talking about taking your blog to the next level in 2010 tomorrow!

  2. Thanks for these links, Honey! I especially like the one about writing down creative ideas immediately. I have been finding it handy to carry a small notebook with me for ideas that come to me.

    Heres a post I wrote recently about some great blogging helps I have found:

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