Audios for Summer Listening

In the interest of stepping away from visual stimulation (aka the computer and videos) we wanted to explore audio books. I did a little bit of searching on-line and struck gold. Did you know that there are tons (literally) of books on mp3 just waiting for you to download them and listen to them?

Absolutely free!

Okay, maybe everyone knows this except me? Just in case you didn’t know this, or you are new to the Internet, I will share this little secret with you.

If you visit the site Old Fashioned Education, you will find that they have linked to a great number of wonderful books in e-book format. If you take the names of these authors or the titles of their books and enter them into the catalog at Librivox, they will pull up of free mp3 copies of these books. You can then download this mp3 and put them on a CD for your listening pleasure. Just be sure to check and see if you CD player is compatible with mp3 players before you go to all the effort.

Please note that you will have to unzip the mp3’s or download the files individually. We use PeaZip to unzip things. It is a free download (for Windows) and works really well.

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    1. Hi Sara,

      Thank you for your kind words. I love blessing all my readers (and you) with whatever great resources I come across.


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