Another Spider

My husband and the kids found this cute little spider.

I have never seen this type of spider around here before.

He really wasn’t very big, only the size of the bolts on the gate.

But he was hairy. He had a red spot on his behind. I panicked just a bit.

He sure looks cute (in the photos).

Jonah (my husband) looked him up and discovered that he is a Zebra Jumping Spider. Or at least that is our best guess. I love how we can find nature type things to learn about even in the city.

What science things are you learning about where you live?

I am linking this post up with Science Sunday .

3 thoughts on “Another Spider”

  1. We have those spiders all around our place-that’s what you get for living in a valley-and I don’t find them cute at all **shudder**. Thanks, though for letting me know what they are :)

  2. Oh my goodness we have so many spiders in our house! But then again (with the exception of ants) we really don’t get any other insects…probably they eat them all.

  3. Hey Honey,

    I just wanted to say that I don’t get too much time to spend reading blogs but when I do it is such a pleasure to spend some time in yours. You have a beautiful family and such a sweet sweet spirit that comes through in your writing. Thanks for all you put into yourr blogging!

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