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All Things Rotten

This week we took an afternoon and did some learning about rotting things. My boys like gross things, so they were all over this. I chose this topic to focus on after Moses started asking questions about mold and how things rot.

Things Rotting and Mold and Fungi Growing

Not for the squeamish.

Moldy Experiment

We started an experiment, but have nothing to report yet. We wanted to see how fast bread would mold in different environments. Here are the materials we used.

  • 3 slices bread
  • 3 ziploc bags
  • freezer
  • fridge
  • our counter

We put one slice of bread in each bag. Then we put one bag on the counter, one bag in the fridge, and one bag in the freezer. It has been five days and there has not been any change in the bread yet.


Here  is a wonderful worksheet that you can use with your kids.

I am linking up this post to Science Sunday. Check them out to see what Science things other families are doing.

14 thoughts on “All Things Rotten”

    • Hi,

      I have always wanted to compost and do a worm bin. We live in a townhouse with a small backyard. Thank you for reminding me about the composting – which reminded me about the worm bin. Now is the perfect season for picking one up.

      We do put all of our guinea pig and bunny bedding and poop straight into the garden.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment. My boys loved the “not for the squeamish” list!


  1. oy. . . so that is what we’ll be doing at some point when my boys are old enough to be into that. . . . ummmm. . . . okay. I guess I have a couple years to get my nerve up – my oldest boy is just three! I did check out the video of the ants eating the gecko, dh and I watched it and oh my goodness! Industrious little insects. . . creepy. lol. I bet they had fun!

    • Hi Jennifer,

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment on my blog.

      Life is so much more interesting with boys. My boys had a blast watching those videos and when they were all done the ones that I had picked out for them, they still asked for more.


      • I bet! I had two younger brothers, but there was enough of an age difference that I was doing my thing and they were doing theirs. I have no idea what kinds of stuff they got into! My daughter is all about bugs for the last little while and is forever picking up beetles and things to show me. I think I’d better get over my squeamishness! That’s one more thing that’s great about homeschooling – I’m forced to grow and learn along with the kids.
        I just checked out your downloads section, it’s great! I printed out the Skittles graphing package. I think my daughter will really enjoy that. I’m going to have to investigate more and see more about the workbox things after seeing all those workbox numbers – I’m intrigued.
        Thanks for a great site!

        • Hi Jennifer,

          I am very happy to have you visit my site – and I love that you took the time to comment.

          I had one sister who is ten years younger than me. It has been a learning experience getting used to bugs and spiders and dirt. My boys love to play in the mud and I am okay with that now. Dirt washes off.

          I am so glad you found the downloads. There are tons of gems hidden in there.

          You will enjoy learning more about workboxes.


  2. I wonder if no mold growing has partially do do with humidity. It’d be interesting to figure out if that did, because I think bread has molded faster for us before.

    • Hi Ticia,

      Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. I was wondering if the bread just had too many preservatives in it? It is from a local bakery, so I would hope not. We have always had bread mold after 2 or 3 days on the counter. I looked at the bread this morning and no sign of mold. We are on day 6.


    • Hi,

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment. The boys loved it. You are very welcome for the video links. We love them. There are so many great resources on the Internet and I really enjoy sharing them.


  3. Hi, Honey,

    If you want your bread to mold you should keep it warm and put it in a dark cupboard. Moist bread should mold quicker than dry bread. Your counter top sample should go moldy within 3 days if you put it in the cupboard.
    Try and find a microscrope or magnifying glass and take a close look at the growth of the mold. It’s wonderful!


    • Hi Noreen,

      We hit 10 days out and the mold finally started growing in the bread (in the bag) on the counter. Yippee! The boys are having fun daily checking the bread bag to see the progression of decomposition.

      I am sorry, but the moldy bread is NOT coming out of the bag. LOL. Moses has a mold allergy, so this is as close as we come to enjoy looking at it.


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