A Fun New Site And An Update

I was organizing my Google Reader this afternoon. Okay, you caught me. I spent most of the day sorting all the blogs in there. It was a mess. Anyways… I found some awesome blogs.

I also found some awesome links to more awesome blogs. I was so excited when I found this list of 100 really great sites with fun things to do with your kiddos under 8. The list has many of my favorite blogs on it and now I need to go exploring the other ones. Check it out.

I thought I would share with you because I know that you love doing fun things with your kids and you can always use more ideas. (Well, I am just guessing, but I hope I am guessing right.).

Many of you know that my Nana passed away a few weeks ago. I wrote about it in It Is So Final and again in A Car Accident, A Fire, And A Lost Tooth.  I just want to thank you for hanging in there with me (and the awesome guest posters that filled in for me) while I was tending to my family. We started back to school this week, but life is still not completely back to normal yet. It will take some time to adjust. I do appreciate your comments and I will be responding to all of them.

Can you do me a favor today, please? Share your favorite blog in the comments for me. I love meeting new friends.

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