10 Week Challenge – Decluttering, Beautifying, Creating

About The 10 Week Challenge

My sister Sara (from Fabulous Womanhood) and I were chatting about decluttering and wanting to go through our entire homes and get rid of all the excess.

We discussed how we wanted to declutter every room, beautify each space, and create gifts for Christmas with the supplies we find.

~ Declutter ~ Beautify ~ Create ~

During this discussion, we came up with the 10 Week Challenge which will take us right up to the beginning of December and have our homes completely ready for Christmas (we hope).

A little bit about me, Honey (aka @Sunflowermommie). We are a homeschooling family of seven. We have acquired lots of stuff. People know we are a homeschooling family so they are always giving us things that they think we might be able to use. We have too much stuff. It’s time to purge. I thought that I would bring you all along for the ride. Are you ready?

Turning Over A New Leaf

To Declutter

  • to get rid of excess stuff we don’t need or don’t use
  • to organize the stuff that we do have
  • to sell, to give away, or to throw away the excess

To Beautify

  • to rearrange the house and make it more functional
  • to decorate the house and make it more beautiful
  • using mostly things we already own

To Create

  • beautiful things for my home
  • Christmas gifts from materials and supplies we find along the way

My Personal Goals For The 10 Weeks

  • declutter my entire house
  • get rid of as much stuff as possible
  • know what is in every nook and cranny
  • beautify each space in my home as I go
  • find things to use in the creation of Christmas gifts

About The Weekly Challenges

Each week we are going to be completing a challenge and presenting it to you to complete it with us. We hope you will join us and we can all encourage each other.

Week 1
Front Hall Closet and Extra Closets

  • go through your front hall closet and any hall closets.
  • get rid of as much clutter as possible
  • organize what’s left
  • make your closets look more beautiful
  • is there anything stashed in there that could be used to make a Christmas gift for someone? (pull it out and put it aside)
  • share your ideas for frugal decorating and organizing
  • tell us what you are getting rid of
  • write a blog post and come back and link it up next week
  • include before and after pictures of your hall closets if you can

My Personal Goals For Week 1

  • front hall closet (this is our coat and shoe closet)
  • hall closet on main floor (games and junk)
  • hall closet on upper floor (linens and books)

An Introductory Challenge For Today

  • write a blog post about the 10 Week Challenge inviting your readers to join you
  • put the button in the post (you can put it in the sidebar too if you like)
  • after you write your post come back and link up here

Use THIS LINKY (the one below) to link up for today’s challenge. Come back next MONDAY and link up and share about your experiences with WEEK 1.