10 Week Challenge – Decluttering, Beautifying, Creating – Week 2

You can read more About The 10 Week Challenge in last week’s post. You can also read about the Week 1 Challenges there.

I had higher ambitions for myself than I was able to accomplish, but the effect of decluttering and organizing is sweeping through the entire house. It is kind of fun.

My Front Hall Closet

Let’s just say that my front hall closet was full of clutter.  I am sorry that I did not take any before pictures, but we dove in to the cleaning before I got a chance to. It looks so much better now.

Across the top of the closet we have milk crates – one for hats and mittens, one for boots, , and one for cloth grocery bags. We also had an extra cloth grocery bag full of cloth grocery bags (which is up to the right).

We went through all the coats and we hung up everything that fit someone. We put away coats that didn’t fit anyone into a box. We got rid of coats that we didn’t like anymore.

We have a bucket at the front for library books. We have a bucket of shoes at the back. Now it only has shoes that are in pairs and actually fit someone. I purged shoes that didn’t have pairs (and hadn’t in a long time). I threw out shoes that were dying (okay, they died a long time ago). I put away shoes that didn’t fit anyone, but might next year. And finally, I put the baby shoes into the baby box in the basement. Oh, and I found my sister’s little pink cat shoes that she loaned to Hosanna (I think she will be happy to know that!).

We actually have room for the stroller and the vacuum now (the vacuum sneaks into the empty space beside the stroller). Sadly, we have no garage or the stroller would live there.

Also, on either sides of the closet their are hooks and right now they are nicely holding empty backpacks, life jackets for the twins, and my purse/diaper bag,

My last task is to put a pretty curtain in front of the closet so we don’t have to see inside of it whenever we come down the stairs (hopefully I can do this before the week is up, but I am still trying to figure out how to hang them).

I got rid of a large garbage bag of things to the thrift store and I packed away a box of stuff that was too small for anyone (that I am not ready to part with yet).

I found a cloth bag full of cotton batting and fabric scraps. I forgot all about this bag. It will go in my Christmas gift making stash.

My Upstairs Hall Closet

We got most of the way through the upstairs closet. Sadly, I have no pictures for you yet.

The right hand side of the upstairs closet has a large bookshelf in it. It houses all the kids books. I went through all the books and got rid of really damaged ones and organized the rest. The kids read their books to death, but at least they read. On top of this bookshelf we store the toilet paper, diapers, and baby wipes.

The left hand side of the upstairs closet has three large (deep) shelves. We went through all the bedding in the upstairs closet and got rid of anything (to the thrift store) that didn’t currently fit a bed and anything that was, well, really ugly. We packaged the sheets with matching pillows cases.

We put the sheets inside their matching pillow cases and put them on the appropriate shelf.

  • Top shelf is king sheets/cases.
  • Next shelf is twin sheets/cases and queen sheets/cases.
  • The bottom shelf is for the towels and wash clothes.

This closet is not completely organized yet. I want to get some decorative wicker baskets to put the sheet packs, towels, and wash clothes in. I have also been thinking about hanging a curtain to hide it from the hall, but this closet gets a lot of daily use from the kids so that might be pointless.

My Game Closet

Sadly, ran out of time and we didn’t get to the games closet this week, so we will tackle it later on when we have a lighter challenge week.

Week 2 Challenges
Master Bedroom

Are you ready for this week’s challenge? I am so excited about the master bedroom challenge. I can’t wait to get started. To be honest, I really wanted to start with the Master Bedroom, but I had to start with the front closet because mine was about to explode. I hope you will join us for the challenge this week.

  • clear out the clutter (anything that doesn’t belong there)
  • make the space more beautiful as you go
  • is there anything stashed in this room that could be used to make a Christmas gift for someone? (pull it out and put it aside)
  • share your ideas for frugal decorating and organizing
  • tell us what you are getting rid of
  • write a blog post and come back and link it up next week
  • include before and after pictures of your master bedroom if you can

My Personal Goals For Week 2

  • rearrange our room
  • take things out of our room that don’t belong and find them a home of their own
  • go through the bookshelves and get rid of excess and clutter
  • move at least one bookshelf out of our room to the basement
  • empty out and get rid of the extra night table
  • go through the closet and get rid of excess and clutter
  • make and hang curtains for the window
  • make and hang curtains for the closet
  • make and hang a fabric panel in front of the bookshelf
  • find something pretty to put on the bookshelf

Use THIS LINKY (the one below) to link up your post about WEEK 1 (Hall Closets). Come back next MONDAY and link up and share about your experiences with WEEK 2 (Master Bedroom).

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