10 things to do in the early morning…

Most days my kids wake up even before the sun has shown its face. They often have trouble thinking of QUIET things to do without bursting into my room and waking the twins. I decided to make a list of “10 things to do in the early morning” so they have a visual reminder. Here is the list:

1. play quietly with your toys – all those things that you got for Christmas!?!

2. read a book

3. play a computer game

4. draw a picture

5. build with blocks

6. did I mention read a book?

7. clean up your room

8. do a puzzle

9. play a game

10.  did I mention read a book?

Do your kids get up very early? What do they do to occupy their time before the rest of the house gets up?

4 thoughts on “10 things to do in the early morning…”

  1. My 8yo has been in a habit over the last month of getting up at 4am and wandering downstairs on the couch and falling back asleep. DOn’t really know why, but it happens 3-4 times a week. Not really a problem….unless you count this morning at 3am when he came in my room and insisted that he was terribly uncomfortable in his bed and he needed to sleep on the floor. I don’t get that…he’s got a perfectly good bed and he’d rather sleep on the floor! Sheesh!

  2. My youngest (4 year old) is an early riser… One thing he does is turn on the TV and plug in Chicka Chicka Boom Boom video or watch the Praise Video channel… it is sweet to find him all curled up on the couch with a book in his hand and the praise channel playing on the TV… Sometimes he will even go play his computer game, but not unless he thinks we are already awake as the kids share Daddy’s computer in the office next to our bedroom.

  3. I am very thankful that my kids are good sleepers and don’t get up before 7. My 6yo is very sweet and plays quietly in his room or reads books until the rest of us are up. This works out well for us since my husband and I are night owls and are NOT morning people!

  4. My kids are also early risers. My twelve year old daughter is an avid reader so if she wakes up before 6(which she does every day) she’ll get ready for school and read. The younger two,6 and 9, though are not quite as easy. My six year old daughter is too young to read anything that will actually entertain her and my nine year old son is not hooked onto reading yet,like his sister who reads 300-400 pages a day. The littlest one often tries to make herself breakfast without telling her older sister who is in charge every morning until eight. So when everyone runs into the kitchen to see what the clanging noise was, we see chairs all over the room near shelves,cereal all over the floor, pots and pans everywhere,etc. My son often plays video games on his Xbox,which wakes everyone up. Except for one time when he decided to rearrange his sisters room to see what she would do. (We still have no idea how he manged to move her dresser,bed,desk,etc) It wasn’t pretty when she found out. Not the first time I had to break up a fight though. Good luck!

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