We Painted Stars

We painted some beautiful stars today.

The big boys painted with acrylics and the twins painted with watercolor. The stars turned out wonderfully. We left them to dry all over the living room and the boys went on to paint more pictures.

I am glad that I used watercolor for the twins because the brushes went straight in their mouths. They were not to sure of the paint or the brushes. The more exposure they get, the more comfortable they will get.

The big boys did a beautiful job on their stars. Their paintings after that were wonderful too.

Elisha was napping while we all set out to paint, so he painted his star after and did not do an additional painting.

Our next job is to cut out the stars and glue them onto blue construction paper and put them up on the wall somewhere. We are running out of wall space (really). We have filled our walls with art. I love it. When you have 5 children all doing art projects, they multiply exponentially.

I will post more pictures when we are finished our projects and have them up on the wall.

I have more fun art projects planned and a few creative writing ones too (need to find just the right time to throw those into the mix).

2 thoughts on “We Painted Stars”

  1. The stars sound like fun! It also sounds like you gave the watercolors to the right ones!! =) I remember those days here – painting and putting things on the walls. My baby is the only one doing that now, and I’m trying to enjoy every minute! She’s growing up way too fast!


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