Today’s Workboxes

I am so excited about the Workbox System. I actually can’t wait to get started our homeschooling day. I feel organized and prepared. Everything is ready to go in the boxes. The kids are excited. Usually I am carting around a basket or bucket of supplies and feel so unprepared even if everything is all organized. Today, all the activities are ready to go in their boxes. I am starting them off with loads of fun (educational) activitiies and gradually,  as the days go by, I will slip in more paperwork (they probably won’t even notice). What is it about workboxes? I plan on taking lots of pictures.

Here is a list of what is in the workboxes today.

Elisha ds9

Bible Reading

Book of Feelings

Get a Grip on Matrix

Times Tables Activity

Tick Tack Time

Magnet Wand

Magnetic Poetry

Professor Noggins – Geography of Canada

Money Game

Ein-o’s Molecular Models

Word Find

Tornado Experiment

Moses ds7


Explode the Code

Sentence Building Magnets

Adding Activity


Super Minds

Sight Word Game

Magnet Wand

Silly Sentence Game

Adding Worksheet

Get a Grip on Patterns

Malachi ds5


Printing My Name

Double Take Game

Spelling My Name 1

Spelling My Name 2

Paper Clip Counting Game

Counting Fish

Playful Patterns

Explode the Code

Animal Dominoes

Print 1-10

Alphabet Cards and Foam Letters


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