Today’s Highlights

We are still working on establishing a morning routine (which is very simple personal care and grooming). We do this every day.

We are still working on establishing morning chores (simple chores to help the boys participate in taking care of the home). We do this every day.

We paid specific attention to reviewing hand washing and bed making techniques.

We went for a walk around the community. While we were walking we had a discussion about multiplication and multiplied by fives using all of our hands. We also practiced counting by fives.

We visited the community centre and the boys played and we had lunch.

We visited the community sharing room and chose some new used clothes, shoes, and toys. We discussed this as a way to recycle our things that we are finished with.

On the walk home from the community centre we discussed street safety and looking both ways before you cross.

We practiced counting by fives again (all chanting as we walked).

We played a game to help us learn if things are living or non living.

The boys had running races and did an obstacle course with Daddy.

We have been focusing on our manners (again) and working on please, thank you, and just generally asking nicely for things.

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