Today’s Highlights

Our helper called in sick again today.

Elisha had an OT appointment so we all went as a family. Daddy took the babies and the boys on a walk (I think they went to a park) while Elisha and I stayed at his appointment.

In the afternoon we went on a field trip to Cuthbert Holmes Park. It was a wonderful afternoon of exploring. We learned about trail safety. Some police officers rode by on bicycles which led to a great discussion about the roles of police officers and why they were on bicycles riding the trails. We saw many people walking and some walking their dogs. We discussed walking for exercise. We saw a great many things on the trails today. The one thing we were most drawn to was the large amount of mushrooms and fungi. There were many different kinds of fungi and many different colours. Moses and Malachi were on and off the trail exploring and being crazy. We all really enjoyed the walk.

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