Today’s Highlights

Our helper called in sick today.

We went as a family to run some errands and pay some bills. There were some great teaching moments during this time.

We went this afternoon to Island View Beach. We went for a long nature walk (an hour and a half and the boys still had energy to burn). It was a wonderful learning experience. We had great discussions about everything we saw (and heard). We had discussions about safety (in the parking lot and on the trail). Moses had many of his sensory needs met by rolling around in the sand and in the dirt on the trail. He crawled through many animal pathways and was very filthy when we got back to the van. He loved every minute and wanted to touch and feel everything. Malachi loved discovering on the trail, but was not too sure about the icky outhouse. Elisha was very good at helping the boys to follow the rules. It was a great time enjoyed by all.

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