Today’s Highlights

Elisha worked on his Bible verse — Genesis 1:1 by doing a simple puzzle.

Elisha and I discussed the steps to writing a story. We discussed nouns and verbs. We discussed answering the questions who, what, when, where, why, and how. We discussed characters.

Elisha sorted nouns and verbs on a chart. He sorted very well. We discussed the words that could be both nouns and verbs. He was very observant in this activity.

Elisha and I worked together to help him create a story. He was very reluctant to be creative. We cut pictures out of a book and used them as the basis of a very short simple story. We will continue to work at similar activities to help him get more comfortable.

Elisha put the days of the week in correct order. He also alphabetized them.

Elisha put the months of the year in order (he stumbled at August/September). Then he wanted to alphabetize them as well. He learned to alphabetize last week and really seems to like this new skill.

Moses and Malachi played outside.

The family went for a nature walk at Swan Lake Nature Sanctuary. We took a walk on the boardwalk and went looking for birds. We saw many different kinds of birds. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

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