Today’s Highlights

Zion was up all night throwing up. Malachi woke up throwing up. Hosanna had a doctor’s appointment first thing this morning. We had another appointment this morning and then Zion went to see the doctor.

Today we discussed the differences between plants and animals (animals can move from place to place and plants can only move by growing – Elisha added – plants breathe in carbon dioxide and breathe out oxygen and we breathe in oxygen and out carbon dioxide) We sorted pictures into plants and animals. The boys all did great at this activity. The boys all made charts and pasted pictures of plants and animals into the correct column.

I created a game called the alphabet game for the boys to play. When Malachi and I play we simply identify the letters of the alphabet. When Moses and I play we review the letters of the alphabet and discuss words that start with each letter. When Elisha and I have played we have chosen words that start with that letter, we have also played by saying a career that starts with that letter. We will be using the game to identify nouns that start with each letter. All the boys like this simple game.

Moses and Elisha played hockey and soccer outside with the neighbour kids. Moses drew on the sidewalk with chalk.

Elisha and Moses went for a walk with Daddy to the store.

Then Elisha and Moses went for another walk with Daddy to the bank machine only to discover it was not there anymore.

Then Elisha and Moses went with Daddy for a drive to the dollar store to pick up a computer part. At the dollar store the boys had a discussion with daddy about a man that was being kicked out of the store. He was using bad language so there was also a discussion about that.

Malachi and I sang the alphabet song and reviewed the letters of the alphabet.

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