Today’s Highlights

In our science we were working on identifying things that are alive and things that are not alive. All of the boys sorted living and non living picture cards. They all completed living and non living charts. Elisha and Moses completed charts for living and non living related to things that are in a city. It was an interesting discussion.

We are working with learning our colour words. Elisha can spell all of his colour words from memory. Moses can read all of the colour words. He is working on learning to spell all of the colour words by looking at the colour words and using letter cards to spell the words. Malachi and I looked at all of the colour words (and I read them to him) and we discussed different colours. He used the letter cards to spell one colour word. He did very well at finding all of the required letters and putting them in order.

Malchi and I played Dora Dominoes. Malachi is very good with one to one matching and following directions.

Elisha, Moses, Daddy and I all played Money Bags. It was a good game of counting money. Moses has difficulty playing in a group. He has difficulty following directions. He doesn’t seem to understand waiting his turn.

Elisha can identify all coins and bills up to 100.

Elisha received a multi game board for his birthday and has been enjoying playing checkers, chess, etc. with various family members.

Moses and I enjoyed playing a fun game of Moose Track Math to practice his adding and subtracting. He did very well.

Malachi and I practiced singing the alphabet song and saying the names of the letters.

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