Today’s Highlights

Today I had a meeting with Teacher N. We discussed the OT appointment on Friday. We discussed the upcoming school year and additional items to purchase. We discussed the recent story writing attempts by the boys. It was a good meeting.

Moses wrote his creative writing story. It was very cute. He is very creative. His story would have been much longer than it was because he wanted to just keep going.

Malachi worked on some consonant practice and some basic printing practice.

Moses did some addition and subtraction practice. He worked on counting by two’s. He worked on counting backwards from 10 to 0. He worked on a tally mark exercise.

Malachi worked on some pattern practice. He worked on some number identifying worksheets. The numbers finally seem like they are starting to click with him (yippee!).

Elisha worked on some math worksheets.

Moses worked on some animal and plant worksheets.

Malachi worked on some animal and plant worksheets.

Elisha worked on some advanced plant worksheets which required minimal printing. He did very well. He worked on some animal worksheets.

Elisha worked independently with only minimal help from me today (mostly with understanding instructions). It would be very nice if we can have him learn to work more independently in all areas of his work.

Moses and I played the Alphabet Game. He did great. The first time we played we thought of an animal for each letter we landed on. The second time we played with thought of any word that started with the letter we landed on. It is such a simple game and Moses loves playing it.

The boys all went for a walk with Grandma and Grandpa. They stopped at the park to play and got slurpees on the way home.

We are working with all the boys on life skills. We want them to learn the benefits of hard work. Elisha took the laundry downstairs to the basement. Malachi helped play with the babies. Moses helped play with babies today.

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