Today’s Highlights

Today we did some of our schooling outside.

We discussed different shapes and drew them with sidewalk chalk. We talked about different descriptive words that could be used for shapes.

We reviewed left and right by playing Simon says. Some of the little people still have issues with knowing which is left and right.

We discussed capital letters and using them in our names. All of our little people still use whichever (upper or lower) case is easiest for them. They don’t seem to care that there is a right way to do things. UGH! They understand the concept though. We practiced writing our names properly with chalk on the sidewalk.

We discussed what a sentence is. We talked about how sentences need a capital letter in the word at the beginning and some kind of ending. We looked at sentences in books as an example.

We talked about rhyming words. We discussed at, et, and ot rhymes. They all wanted to continue so we discussed ut (at Elisha’s insistence). We read some funny poems from the book, “Where the Sidewalk Ends”. The boys seemed to really like the poetry from that book.

Today I had a meeting with Teacher N to figure out the special needs order. The order is all organized now and hopefully will be going in tomorrow. Yippee! Mom stayed with me while we discussed the materials we are ordering.

Daddy took the boys to the Mac store to replace my cord that died a few months ago. I am so very happy to have the Mac laptop back.

The boys played outside for a long time as it was a beautiful day. It was such a hot day today that all the neighbourhood children were outside playing with water. We dragged our hose out and the boys loved it.

We went for a very long drive to see the sights in the country. The boys enjoyed the drive. We picked up a free airbed (from freecycle) and discussed recycling. We also discussed our desires to go camping and how we need certain things for camping.

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